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When and how should we contact you ?

We love to share entrepreneurial stories in its early phase. Meaningful and trustful relationship is often built a long time before investing. Please feel free to contact us directly now! All we require to get started is an executive summary of your business. It should contain the following information: - Description of your business model (how you make money) - Market and competition analysis - Resumes of the key members of the management team - Current status of the project, financial statements and projections – Your business KPIs.

What does due diligence mean at Serena ?

Thanks to our entrepreneurial experience, our investment team proceeds with its own due diligence: market, competition, products, HR, customer reference calls... This process takes a few weeks. Through this process we begin to build a strong and trustful relationship with entrepreneurs. Don't be surprised if we spend 1 or 2 days on the ground, with you and your employees. We may not become your best sales rep or engineer, but it will help us to understand your business more deeply and it will enable us to bring you more value post investment faster.