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AramisAuto is a leading online car dealership in Europe. The company was acquired by Peugeot in 2016, and is, to this day, one of the largest French B2C exits of all times.

2001 – France ?? & Spain ??

AramisAuto was founded in 2001 by Nicolas Chartier and Guillaume Paoli, with the ambition of becoming the number one choice for consumers wanting to buy a car. Automotive retail today is not tailored to the needs of consumers, but rather to those of manufacturers. Given that buying a car is a household’s #2 investment and that the internet quickly became the first source of buyer information, a change was in order!

Today, AramisAuto is the French leader in online car distribution. This one-stop-shop is revolutionizing the way people buy used cars.

AramisAuto’s proprietary digital platform and car refurbishment factory provide clients with the guarantees they expect. Already #1 in France, they have expanded into Spain and Belgium thanks to their partnership with the PSA Group.


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Marc Fournier

Marc Fournier

The merger with PSA made a lot of sense for both parties. For PSA, this diversification strategy gets them onto the used car market and helps their car dealerships liquidate stock. For AramisAuto, which remains autonomous, this is the opportunity to speed up international growth before eventually getting into selling cars between individuals. A second refurbishing factory will open soon in the greater Paris region.