Serena Sustainable journey

Serena Sustainable journey

Sustainability, equity, and responsibility are deeply ingrained in our culture at Serena. These values lie at the core of our mission, which is to “support the success of innovative and ambitious entrepreneurs, in service of a better world.”

At Serena, our two main focuses are Climate and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion.

– We have a vested interest in taking action for the climate, both personally and collectively, to address these disruptions and decarbonize the economy.

– We firmly believe that building a diverse, equal, and inclusive workplace reflects society’s acceptance and openness to individual differences. We strive to foster a company culture where every voice is heard and respected, not only within Serena but also within our portfolio companies.

This mission and commitment guide everything we undertake on a daily basis, and we are determined to collaborate with entrepreneurs to build a sustainable future.