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Leading European online restaurant reservation platform, TheFork (La Fourchette) was acquired in 2014 for $140 million by TripAdvisor.

2007 – France, Spain & Switzerland

Leading European online restaurant reservation platform in Europe, Australia, and Latin America, TheFork (La Fourchette), was acquired in 2014 for 140 million$ by TripAdvisor. It has a network of more than 65,000 restaurants worldwide and more than 27 million monthly visits.

The platform operates as “LaFourchette”​ in France and Switzerland, as “ElTenedor”​ in Spain, as “TheFork”​ in Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Brazil, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Argentina, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay. It also operates in English as “”

TheFork connects restaurants and diners. Through TheFork (website and application), as well as through TripAdvisor, users can easily select a restaurant according to preference criteria (such as the localization, type of cuisine, restaurant type, and average price), consult user reviews, check real-time availability, and instantly book online.

From the restaurants’ side, TheFork provides a software solution, TheFork Manager, enabling the optimization of reservation management, streamlined operations, and ultimately improved service and revenues. TheFork implements Yield Management principles of price variability depending on time, a practice used successfully in the travel and hotel industries.

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Marc Fournier

Marc Fournier

LaFourchette is one of the most successful apps launched in recent years. Helping consumers find, discover, and book restaurants came to us as a passion we wanted to share.