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Helps hospitals share medical data with doctors and patients

2015 – France

Founded in February 2015, Lifen aims to digitize health care.

While many industries have benefited tremendously from the advent of modern computing, healthcare still lags behind. Many professionals suffer with old and obsolete software, tailored to a specific niche market. Interoperability between systems is almost nonexistent, rendering collaboration more difficult than it should be. Data management is also quite limited.

Lifen is building a global platform to facilitate collaboration between physicians and enable data sharing and analysis while protecting patient rights and providing maximum security.

Its goal is not to replace every piece of software or medical equipment out there but to interconnect them all with the aim of delivering great value for everyone.

In time, the teams hope to encourage and support the emergence of new biomedical insights related to public health.

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What we say

Sébastien Le Roy

Sébastien Le Roy

We all know how the lack of fluid information transfer is detrimental to health and social security. The terrific experience and agility of Lifen’s team is aimed at coping with this societal issue. In the near future, this platform will set a standard for the exchange of medical information.