Norbert Health

Building the future of ambient predictive medicine

2019 – US & France
Our mission is to make the scanning and monitoring of the human body’s essential vital signs easy, fast, and ubiquitous. 
We have built the first ever contactless vital signs sensor that can capture Temperature, Heart rate, Heart rate variability, Pulse wave velocity, and soon SpO2 and Respiratory rate in a few minutes.
More data improves accuracy and leads to better outcomes. Our products can measure and understand people’s health without any contact or effort required by the person. Our platform is safe, secure, and easy-to-use, whatever your space.
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Eric Gossart

Eric Gossart

We’ve built a strong thesis on data within the health-tech industry, and we have been looking for medical-grade technology robust enough to measure vital signs in a non-intrusive way. The benefits for both patients and professionals are clear. We’ve been impressed by the Norbert team's ambition and the breakthrough technology they are bringing to the market. With a solid team and a limitless market, we’re proud to be part of the adventure.