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Jérémy Rasori

Head of Sustainability jeremy@serena.vc

Embarking on a sustainability journey just ahead of the Paris Agreement, my career has been a dynamic exploration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. Cultivating my expertise at Utopies, a pioneering French sustainable development consultancy established in 1993, I later joined Reporting 21 by Sirsa, strategically timed with the EU’s launch of its Sustainable Finance Framework in 2018.

At Reporting 21, I witnessed the meteoric growth of sustainability discourse, guiding PE and VC firms through the complex regulatory landscape driving the sustainable finance era. Over my 5-year tenure, I played a key role in elevating the organization from a modest team of 5 into a formidable force of 70+, ultimately culminating in its acquisition by a global EHS Tech leader.

Now, as a proud member of Serena, I am thrilled to assist ambitious entrepreneurs in embedding sustainable practices deep within the DNA of their companies. Together, let’s pave the way for a world where every business is a force for positive change!

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Jérémy Rasori
Head of Sustainability
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