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Stéphanie Nizard

Investors Relations - Partner
Started my career 1 day after the Lehman brothers’ bankruptcy. Not exactly the best time to build relationships with investors… but clearly a good time to realize that trust and transparency are key when it comes to investor relations.
Working 8 years at the Oddo Group, I contributed to the fast development of a 50 billion+ asset management Platform.
There, I had the chance to address both private and institutional clients and build experience across the full spectrum of the investor journey, holding several « front » positions including business Developer, Head of client service, and RFP manager.
Later in my career, my great admiration for entrepreneurs naturally led me to private equity. Less naturally, I jumped into private equity through public markets,  running an IPO roadshow for a listed private equity holding!
After that, I focused on more traditional PE fundraisings contributing to a 1+ bn platform in growth equity.
3 years ago, I joined the VC family, convinced that tech will change the world for the better and that the next generation of tech entrepreneurs will help take on the challenges before us.
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Stéphanie Nizard team
Stéphanie Nizard
Investors Relations - Partner
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