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Dataiku’s Advanced Software Platform transforms raw data into business applications.



Florian Douetteau, Marc Batty, Clément Stenac & Thomas Cabrol

Present in Europe & USA

Created in 2013

How Serena Capital helps

How Serena Capital helps

Name a challenge you overcame thanks to Serena’s help ?

Serena’s help allowed us to efficiently recruit a sales team as well as structure and assess our sales cycle’s performance. It is a big mistake not to take advantage of fundraising to structure the sales side of things.

How was the day where you felt the acceleration after your fundraising feel ?

Within just one year of fundraising, we were able to double our headcount and triple our results.

Examples of the operational help provided by Serena :

Serena helped us put in place structured management procedures and transversal project monitoring. These are vital in any sector to maintain internal cohesion during company growth. Moreover, Serena helped us in with communication – we would not have made the cover of Le Point otherwise!

In a few words, how would you describe Serena ?

Serena is a VC firm made by entrepreneurs who have a clear and operational view of growth.

Their Story

As the big data market now reaches early maturity, Dataiku empowers both data scientists and non-engineers to work together. They have developed a data science collaboration layer, enabling teams to easily apply machine learning and data science techniques to the huge amounts of raw data gathered by their company and to build predictive data flows.

Dataiku’s story began in Paris in 2013. The founding team – Florian Douetteau, Thomas Cabrol, Clément Sténac and Marc Batty – set out to fill a void in the big data industry by providing a tool that would allow data science teams to clean, visualize, model and deploy data projects all in one place. In 2014, the team launched the very first version of Dataiku Data Science Studio (DSS), which focused on helping data science teams to use predictive models to build business applications. Dataiku DSS’s early success proved that facilitating data projects using one simple tool was crucial to a business’ maturation and progress in data ventures. For the first two years, Dataiku grew rapidly based on this premise. In addition to new customers, Dataiku also developed their network of partners; building a trusted ecosystem with which to better serve their customer base.

Dataiku continued to release new versions of Dataiku DSS with further improvements and additional features. In 2015, they raised €3.6 million with two investors, including Serena. With Serena’s support, guidance and communication, later that year Dataiku was able to expand and open an office in New York City, spurring even more growth in a time when the big data buzzword gained more hype and attention across the globe.

By 2016, Dataiku had become an integral part of large data teams at companies like L’Oreal, AXA or vente-privee, allowing them to seamlessly integrate machine learning and predictive analytics into their products. By this time, the Dataiku team had also grown to 60 employees in their Paris and New York offices, allowing for continued, rapid growth and brand awareness to spread as the year went on. The team’s growth and success culminated in October 2016 with a $14 million Series A round led by FirstMark Capital. The team is posed to show the industry that Dataiku is a top player and ready to show the world that machine learning and big data don’t have to be messy and complicated to lead successful data projects. Dataiku got off to a great start in 2017 winning the “Completeness of Vision” award in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Science Platforms. The business continues to expand into new sectors, bringing their passion for simple and structured data projects to companies all over the world.


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