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Bringing the digital age to new build real estate with 3D & VR sales and marketing solutions.


Marc Fournier – Managing Partner: When partnering with Habiteo, we shared the same vision of one of the latest major industry, Real Estate Development, on its way to digitalization. It is striking how digital is transforming habits and aligning expectations between offer and demand. Watching this major move led by Habiteo is a daily joy.

How Serena Capital helps

How Serena Capital helps

Name a challenge you overcame thanks to Serena’s help ?

Serena challenged us and helped to improve our value proposition and how to go-to-market with it.

How did it feel the day when you saw acceleration following fundraising?

Thanks to fundraising, we were able to complete our technical platform, structure our team and double turnover in just 2 years.

In a few words, how would you describe Serena ?

Serena is a VC firm who is concerned by a company’s operations as much as their figures. It is the only firm that made a real effort to try and understand Habiteo.

Their Story

Habiteo is the story of a meeting between a professional realtor, a serial entrepreneur and well-advised business angel, a video games nerd, and an entrepreneur, manager and customer relations specialist. These are Jean-Claude Szaleniec, former Bouwfounds Marignan Managing Director and Founder of Les Espaces Immobiliers BNP Paribas, Denis Fayolle, Founder of LaFourchette, ManoMano and Adrenaline Hunter, to name just a few, Julien Frelat, award-winner several times over with Microsoft, and finally Jeanne Massa, former LaFourchette COO and Pizza Hut France CMO.

Habiteo was launched in June 2014 and is one of the pioneer French PropTech start-ups.

Based on the latest 3D and digital technologies, Habiteo has created a platform of multichannel and cross-support, digital and interactive marketing solutions.

These solutions make collaborative professions which are not used to be. They also offer a unique, innovative customer experience, through immersive, virtual tours of properties that are not yet built (3D modelling, realistic virtual visits, plot availability, etc.).

Habiteo has turned out to be one of the key actors in the real estate market, with over 250 customers, including major companies like Bouygues Immobilier, Kaufman & Broad, Allianz Real Estate, 3F Immobilier, etc.

In 2017, Sébastien Deletang (former Aldebaran Robotics CFO) joined the adventure and the start-up has begun its international development.

Supported by Serena since 2005, Habiteo has doubled its sales revenues every year, and has been rewarded the Pass French Tech to represent France around the world. Jeanne Massa was appointed official ambassador of the French Tech diversity program.


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