Actionable TV Intelligence that bridges TV & Digital ad silos to unlock full business potential for advertisers

2009 – France, UK & US

TVTY measures and strengthens TV’s impact on digital outcomes in real-time to unlock advertisers’ full business potential.

The solutions allow advertisers and their agencies to measure the actual impact of TV advertising on their audience, website traffic, and online & offline sales. TVTY allows TV advertising to become as measurable as digital.

Online advertising can also be aligned with TV audiences in order to maximize the reach, optimize the frequency, and drive the best ROI possible on all digital media channels (Search, Social, Video and Display).

The company’s unparalleled proprietary TV monitoring technology, paired with household-level audience data, constitutes the backbone of the TVTY software platform.

TVTY is a tech company with offices in New York, London, Paris, and Lyon and operates in more than 20 different countries worldwide. TVTY offers its premium advertising solutions to top-tier brands such as Amazon, Facebook, Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, Dyson, and more.

What we say

Xavier Lorphelin

Xavier Lorphelin

TVTY showed impressive growth in 2015 and is the clear leader in one of the hottest fields of marketing. As the cost of capturing consumer attention continues to rise for advertisers around the world, we expect to see the demand for TVTY’s technology grow at an even stronger rate. Our investment will ensure the company stays well ahead of the competition.