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The cloud gaming platform allowing gamers to play to any games on any devices

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Emmanuel Freund, Stéphane Heliot, Asher Kagan–Criou

Present in France & US (San Francisco)

Created in 2015

Their Story

Created in 2015 by three audacious spirit, Shadow anticipated the futur of the computer. A computer free from the hardware constraints, capable of resolve the impossible equation between an high requirement in power and the always shorter life of hardwares. Facing this technological and ecological disaster, Shadow’s solution was to transfer all the processing power to data centers, and take advantage of high-speed internet to end obsolescence: that is how Shadow works. And so Shadow is the first high end computer totally dematerialized – a technological revolution announced for years but considered impossible by many. The foundations of Shadow are as strong as the bonds that unite its founders. After studying computer science, Emmanuel Freund founded Isidor, an ergonomic software development company, where he joined his cousin Asher Kagan, a small computer genius who helped him develop an operating system suitable for the elderly. After moving to Doro following the acquisition of Isidor, they decided to launch their own adventure: Shadow was born from the union of their forces and those of Stéphane Héliot, friend from high school of Emmanuel, HEC alumni and former employee of Skadden Arps and Tikehau Capital Group.


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