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Olivier Martret

Always loved doing multiple activities: studying, sports (became European champion in my category), and theatre (you can google that ;-)). This is my definition of entrepreneurship.

This, plus my technical background and interests, have led me to the startup world, first, in a traditional VC firm and then in an entrepreneur-friendly accelerator – 50 Partners, where I spent 5 years. Built the technical middleware there to scale the scouting activity, and helped over 15 startups develop their business, structuring their go to market, hiring process, and fundraising.

My passion? Working with passionate people who want things to change, who have a broader vision or a clear goal.

See myself as a special sparring partner for entrepreneurs who are totally devoted to their day-to-day jobs and daily concerns. Love to challenge them, connect them, and work with them to pave the road towards their goal (which is never final).

Thrilled to be a part of this new way of supporting entrepreneurs in achieving their goals through our unique investment and entrepreneurial platform.

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Olivier Martret
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