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Global leader in Conversational Service Automation

2008 – US & Asia

The Company’s vision is to disrupt an outdated customer service model by bridging the gap between human and machine using voice, AI and automation to ensure that every voice, on every call, is truly heard. Uniphore enables businesses globally to deliver transformational customer service by providing an automation platform where digital agents take over transactional conversations from humans, coach agents during calls, and accurately predict language, emotion and intent. All in real-time.

With Conversational Service Automation, enterprises can now engage their customers to effectively build loyalty, improve customer experience and realize operational efficiencies.


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Uniphore team
Umesh Sachdev
Ravi Saraogi
AI Automation

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Bertrand Diard

Bertrand Diard

At Serena, we’re constantly on the lookout for technologies that are set to be greatly transformative for businesses. That’s exactly why Uniphore caught our eyes.With their incredibly talented team and investors, their powerful tech, their ambition to expand in Europe, combined with our footprint on the continent as well as our investment thesis geared toward disruptive technology, our partnership has quickly emerged as the perfect match. We do not doubt that there’s a full set of conditions that are met to turn Uniphore into an iconic long-lasting company.