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David Bitton

Head of Operating david@serena.vc

Started my career when the telecom market opened to competition, offering many opportunities for disruption and providing the infrastructure for the internet to grow. It got me into an entrepreneurship adventure that lasted 20 years…Became very fond of the adrenaline, the moments of doubt, and the sweat of the journey.

Former co-founder and CEO of three companies: an internet access provider (Oreka), a voice over IP software (Wengo), and a platform for professional-to-consumer services (MyBestPro).

Roadshows, fundraising, scaling, international expansion, partnerships, acquisitions, and exits — been through it all.

As a Board Member & Advisor for startups, realized how fulfilling it was to work with entrepreneurs on building their own companies.
Joined the Serena Operating Team to help deliver Serena’s promise: money and operational resources.

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David Bitton
Head of Operating
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