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MONI (Ex-Monisnap)

Money transfer has never been this simple

2017 – France, Spain & UK

Moni is the new alternative to sending money abroad to developing countries, with the fairest fees.

The company was founded in 2017 by former employees from Google and Groupon, finally bringing to life the long-awaited disruption in the traditional European remittance market, which suffers from poor customer satisfaction, high fees, and dull products.

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MONI (Ex-Monisnap) team
Raphael Rivière
Jean-Baptiste Bouvier
Jonathan Brossard
FinTech MoneyTransfer

What we say

Sébastien Le Roy

Sébastien Le Roy

"The international money transfer market is undergoing profound changes, in particular with the rise of mobile money in emerging countries. Monisnap is taking a unique position in this market. In a few months, they have enabled more than 200,000 people to make transfers to unbanked countries. Their modular architecture allows them to offer this financial service to B2B players such as neo banks. We were impressed by the team's vision and ability to execute, and are excited to participate in this round of funding to build a major global player in the industry. "