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Accelerates data innovation and collaboration with stronger privacy protection

2019 – France ??

Maxime Agostini, Nicolas Grislain, and Vincent Lepage have been building machine learning solutions for years, starting with their previous startup that let media companies harness the power of data.

At that time companies were collecting an increasing amount of data across all industries and it was a race to see who could hoard the most data in the biggest data lake. Protecting users’ privacy became a greater concern and regulators stepped in and imposed more stringent privacy regulations to protect individuals.

This signaled the end of an era: companies would have to mature and the pace of innovation would slow. But the three founders are challenging this perspective, as machine learning and AI models do not really focus on personal information. On the contrary, the goal of machine learning is to find patterns that will persist in the future for users that may not even be born yet. Such patterns should not depend on the past. There must be a way to extract those universal truths without exposing personal information.

To realize their vision, they founded Sarus whose mission is to enable companies to leverage all of their data while preserving privacy. Sarus software allows data practitioners to work on data without accessing it while ensuring that no personal information is exposed. It allows for faster innovation workflows and new forms of collaboration on data.

Sarus’s real impact is more than just improving data protection. The biggest opportunity is found in how companies don’t currently use their data! Sharing data across business lines, across national borders, or with external partners is still an open problem.

By ensuring the highest level of data protection at the heart of innovation projects, Sarus fundamentally changes the way businesses collaborate on data. This is the beginning of a new era – one where scientific knowledge can be exchanged seamlessly between any parties without jeopardizing privacy.