Corporate online training with an innovative, user-centric and enjoyable digital learning experience

2013 – France & Switzerland

Coorpacademy is a European EdTech startup founded in 2013 and specialized in innovative, scalable corporate digital learning solutions.

Thanks to its digital Learning Experience Platform, Coorpacademy supports company transformation and efficiency by engaging employees, partners, and clients in upskilling on any topic central to their competitiveness, thus reaching top quartile engagement rates.

To unleash the desire to learn, Coorpacademy has developed a proprietary SaaS platform delivering latest generation instructional design backed by Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne Innovation labs, making corporate learning more fun, flexible and collaborative, truly centered on the end-user, the learner.

Coorpacademy is part of the EdTech France association.

What we say

Philippe Hayat

Philippe Hayat

We studied many EdTech dossiers and we chose Coorpacademy. They are the sector’s top performers, particularly in terms of development, repeat business, and financial strength. This success is due to the quality and experience of the founders and also the efficiency of the learning experience, which requires true commitment from the user. This company has an incredible potential for growth.