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Europe’s first online marketplace that allows travelers to book their vacation directly with local travel agents.



Eric La Bonnardière & Yvan Wibaux

Present in France, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK & Nordics

Created in 2009

Marc Fournier – Managing PartnerEvaneos have already demonstrated their potential and managed to successfully open their platform on many markets. Thanks to digital, they have built a unique positioning on a huge market representing €80 billion. Their model is appreciated by travelers all around the world and is highly scalable.

How Serena Capital helps

How Serena Capital helps

Name a challenge you overcame thanks to Serena’s help ?

Meeting 10 journalists in 4 hours!

How did it feel the day you saw acceleration following fundraising?

We felt we needed to move offices befitting our new status – from a growing start-up to a huge player in the tourism sector – and to welcome future colleagues.

In a few words, how would you describe Serena ?

The fund that not only has capital but also an entrepreneurial background.

Who better to explain than them ?

Right after fundraising, Serena helped us a great deal with communications; organizing our press tour and providing us with media training. All we had to do was to sit on a couch and speak to the journalist who was there for us! The result: 22 articles including 11 in the USA and the UK plus 3 radios interviews and 1600 tweets and retweets reaching 14 million people.


#Communication Eric La Bonnardière CEO & Co-founder of Evaneos

Their Story

Nowadays, people want to travel like never before: Evaneos connects people with local travel agents to build unique travel experiences.

Eric La Bonnardière and Yvan Wibaux, co-founders of Evaneos, are two entrepreneurs with one passion. This is the story of two young travel-lovers who set about looking for entrepreneurial challenges. After graduating from Parisian engineering and management schools, Supelec and HEC, Eric spent two years working as a strategy consultant. As a seasoned globetrotter, he wanted to find a way of bringing together his love of travel and his business skills. Eric left his job as a consultant and found a new associate, Yvan, who not only had an engineering degree from Centrale Paris under his belt, but a year of travelling the world working in water control and responsible tourism. Together, they spent nine months coming up with a business concept and breathing life into it. Finally, in June 2009, they took off in the direction of Evaneos. Evaneos is the first online platform connecting travelers directly with local agents. These 1,000 or so on-site travel agents are hand-picked and based in over 160 destinations across the globe.

As one of the leading online travel players in Europe, Evaneos allows vacation-goers to design 100% tailor-made trips securely through local travel agencies. This platform is set to revolutionize the way travelers book their discovery and adventure vacations. Eight years after Evaneos came to be, the company now has an international team of about 80 people and is present across 5 European markets (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the U.K.). Thanks to its unique, 100% customizable trips, the Evaneos team has enabled more than 160,000 travelers to realize their dream vacation!


Eric La Bonnardière CEO & Co-founder of Evaneos



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