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Malt connects companies (from Fortune 500 to SMEs) with the best freelancers



Vincent Huguet, Hugo Lassiège & Jean-Baptiste Lemée

Present in France, Spain

Created in 2013

Marc Fournier – Managing Partner: Malt is part of a major global shift in the labor market driven by millennials, who aspire to new ways of working and as a result offers companies greater flexibility in recruitment. Existing platforms tend to incite price wars between freelancers and IT service companies and offer no transparency to either clients or freelancers. Malt on the other hand puts the freelancer at the center of the equation, not only attracting the best and rarest profiles by offering opportunities adapted to their wishes and skills but creating a much-needed sense of community.


How Serena Capital helps

How Serena Capital helps

Name a challenge you overcame thanks to Serena’s help ?

Putting us in a position to aim for the stars !

How did it feel the day you saw acceleration following fundraising?

We doubled our gross merchandise volume whithin 6 months.

Examples of the operationnal help provided by Serena :

Finding the best profiles (VP Sales, Head of sales, and more) and structuring our CRM.

In a few words, how would you describe Serena ?

Ambitious and kind.

Who better to explain than them ?

We needed to hire a lot of people within the marketing and sales teams, including senior managers such as a VP for Sales. Serena helped us build our candidate pipeline, with interviews, and even handpicked CVs and gave us useful feedback. For every ten CVs Serena sent us, we have hired one candidate.


#HumanRessources Quentin Debavelaere, COO of Malt

Their Story

Their story began when Vincent Huguet, entrepreneur, met Jean-Baptiste Lemée and Hugo Lassiège, both senior freelance developers. Bolstered by their years of complementary experience, they decided to create Malt to simplify how freelancers and companies connect and collaborate.

Within a few years, it is predicted that 1 in every 2 workers will be freelance, and most of them by choice. Malt’s fast-growing community already brings together around 90% of freelancers in France. Companies today are looking for more and more freelance staff to work on specific projects and provide innovative input. Malt gives both companies and freelancers the best possible working environment.

The European market represents 9 million freelancers (in fields such as software development, graphic design, communication, consulting, etc.) and a potential 300 billion Euros. Malt matches supply and demand in what was traditionally a rather opaque industry. At Malt, they focus on people rather than on tasks to complete, which means that their community attracts the best freelancers. To be continued!


Quentin Debavelaere, COO of Malt



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