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CybelAngel explores the deep web to protect major firms from costly data leaks.

2013 – Europe & US (NYC)

CybelAngel is a leading digital risk management platform providing enterprises with actionable threat intelligence that enables effective remediation and improved cybersecurity.

By leveraging artificial intelligence and proven machine learning capabilities to monitor, detect, and manage digital risk across all layers of the Internet, CybelAngel helps organizations protect their intellectual property, brand, and reputation.

Every day, CybelAngel detects data leaks that others don’t.

What we say

Bertrand Diard

Bertrand Diard

In an increasingly digital world, most data exchanges are legitimate. However, malicious acts are also made easier, which can have an enormous impact if not identified and dealt with quickly. Cybersecurity has become a major issue for both nations and companies. I am very happy to be a part of this adventure with the whole CybelAngel team and to offer them our experience to help them create a global company.