Creates quality analytics solutions for buildings and facilities management

2007 – France

Finalcad is a collaboration platform designed to optimize field experience for workers in industries such as construction, infrastructure, and energy.

Developed 10 years ago by an expert team with deep industry knowledge, Finalcad is headquartered in France and used by customers across the globe. In sectors such as construction, infrastructure, and energy, the Finalcad platform enables companies to carry out existing processes more efficiently and safely, guiding them through their digital transformation journeys by digitizing their workflows and making continuous communication possible.

Finalcad captures data from across the whole site, facility, or asset, arming all stakeholders – from the fieldworker to the sub-contractor, main contractor and client – with the data they need to drive accurate decision making.

The platform tackles the industry-wide issues of low margins and poor profitability by driving down operational costs through continuous improvement and by boosting workers’ efficiency.

What we say

Philippe Hayat

Philippe Hayat

How a very old sector like building and real estate can be disrupted by digital… How a young and skilled team are selling killer software that allows contractors and developers to optimize their ROI in their day to day business… That's the story of FinalCad, and that’s the kind of fast-growing company we love!