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One source of truth, synchronized everywhere

2013 – France & US

Hull was founded in 2013 by Romain Dardour, Stephane Bellity, and Stefan Koenig after they realized that brands lose the human touch with consumers when they go online. After all, what makes your local shops so great is that their owners know you personally and are able to understand and even predict your needs, which makes you feel special and unique.

Hull, a Customer Data Platform, was created with the aim to restore that lost relationship. It serves that goal by aggregating all of the customer data from across silos into a unified, cleaned, and enriched customer profile. Then, it makes this information available to each team across the entire company. In other words, Hull connects and combines data so users can orchestrate a personal, relevant experience at every touchpoint using existing tools.

With Hull, every interaction is more relevant and efficient: Marketing emails are more personalized, sales talk pinpoints the right topics, and customer success can be helpful to customers.

Today, Hull is the most powerful customer data platform for high growth companies.

Companies using Hull orchestrate their growth and marketing stacks by collecting, enriching, and synchronizing customer data across all their services, in real-time.