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2022 – Toulouse, France

With users spending on average 3,5 hours per day on their mobile phones, mobile apps have turned into a $3T annual revenue gateway. To win market share on the mobile channel, companies need efficient and reliable apps, but developers face challenges in proactively identifying and addressing errors.

Kotzilla offers a complete suite of software architecture tools that provide proactive insights from development to production. Its Koin dependency injection framework, used in over 350,000 Android apps, streamlines architecture effectively. Kotzilla’s Cloud-Inject platform offers advanced observability and optimization, giving developers unparalleled visibility into their apps, allowing them to identify and address issues before they impact users.

Kotzilla was founded in 2022 by Arnaud Giuliani and Michaël Montoya and is based in Toulouse – France.

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Kotzilla team
Arnaud Giuliani & Michaël Montoya

What we say

Matthieu Lavergne

Matthieu Lavergne

Kotzilla's vision to simplify developers' lives from the outset is truly impressive. In today's multiplatform landscape, getting control over an app's portfolio from the first line of code is crucial. Kotzilla's solution addresses this head-on, offering organizations a streamlined approach to meet the demands of modern consumers and the complexities of multi screen experiences.