The fastest way to deploy applications globally

2022 – France

Launched publicly in 2022 by Yann Léger, Édouard Bonlieu, and Bastien Chatelard, Koyeb provides a global serverless platform that significantly simplifies the deployment of globally distributed applications. Koyeb’s integrated solution allows for the deployment of web applications, APIs, and databases worldwide in just a matter of minutes.

Today, the company empowers over 50,000 developers and businesses to fully focus on their applications without the need to worry about infrastructure concerns.

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Koyeb team
Yann Léger
Édouard Bonlieu
Bastien Chatelard
Cloud Infrastructure

What we say

Bertrand Diard

Bertrand Diard

We are excited to partner with Koyeb to support them in their mission to eliminate developers' headaches with infrastructure management. The team gathers unique expertise in cloud infrastructure, coupled with a global vision and a strong execution capability to build a full-stack platform, from networking to servers to software. Koyeb is one of the most promising infrastructure products we have seen in this space.