The Recruitment Automation Platform dedicated to frontline workers

2010 – France & US

Seiza is the Recruitment Automation Platform 100% dedicated to frontline workers, enabling accelerated hiring.

At Seiza, we believe that the key to successful recruitment lies in speed. Our mission is to help recruiters become hyper-responsive by automating the entire recruitment process, while offering the best possible experience to candidates.

Our SaaS platform allows for fast and effortless recruitment by:

– Obtaining qualified applications in the shortest possible time thanks to the power of social media

–  Automating all time-consuming tasks such as selection, skills validation, interview scheduling, and document collection, allowing recruiters to spend more time on what matters most: meeting candidates.

– Engaging in personalized and real-time 24/7 discussions with candidates using the best communication channels.

– Offering the best possible candidate experience by adapting to their pace and habits.

– Monitoring recruitment performance and deadlines to optimize processes.

Seiza accelerates hiring for 400 companies in Europe and the US in various industries (food production, transport, logistics, retail, hospitality & restaurants, healthcare, staffing, construction…).


What we say

Xavier Lorphelin

Xavier Lorphelin

"Seiza has mastered the art of candidates sourcing and hiring outside of large job boards or LinkedIn. Thanks to the Seiza platform, large enterprises are now able to process a high volume of qualified frontline workers and hire fast."