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Paul Moriou

Wrote about web3 in 2017 (“internet 3.0” back then!), started a tech agency from scratch, and raised several tens of thousands euros for the Syrian refugees’ crisis. Grew up in Europe, the US, and Southeast Asia, and started my career as a seed investor @Kerala Ventures in Paris. Joined Serena to deploy >100% of my energy at the service of French entrepreneurs with global ambitions.

Probably feel more at ease below sea level than above, used to be a lifeguard in a different life, and have been freediving for as long as I can remember. Love to explore underrated sources of knowledge — taxi-driver wisdom and radically-niche YouTube channels lying among my favorites.

Definitely need chaos at a micro-level of my life, harmony at a macro one, and good people at both levels! Happy to connect at

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Paul Moriou
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