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The leader in predictive elevator maintenance

2016 – France

Uptime is an elevator maintenance company founded in 2016 by Augustin and Amaury Celier. Its predictive maintenance technology guarantees the best service for building managers.

Uptime’s digital sensors can be connected to any elevator through 4G, allowing for updates in real-time and the sharing of the necessary information in order to avoid any type of failure.

Thanks to this trustworthy technology, technicians can work better.

What we say

Xavier Lorphelin

Xavier Lorphelin

After following the advancements of Uptime for nearly two years, we are convinced of the team’s ability to disrupt the elevator maintenance market. Uptime brings technology and methodology to a market that has not evolved in over 50 years and is very profitable. By improving the working conditions of technicians, customer safety, and the satisfaction of trustees and managers, Uptime is at the heart of elevator maintenance. Their connected box collects data that they are the only ones to hold on the market, and which allows them to be the leader in predictive maintenance.