Enables self-employed professionals and businesses in Hospitality and Healthcare to connect for short term missions.

2016 – France & UK

Brigad provides companies with an independent, on-demand workforce.

Its digital expertise allows a matching technology to staff a vetted and available workforce in record time. It allows its users to embrace flexibility, saving time and money, by getting rid of HR and organizational management.

Uber Technologies Inc. is one of Brigad’s early investors. Brigad is also supported by 50Partners, France’s #1 startup accelerator.

What we say

Eric Gossart

Eric Gossart

Brigad spotted a massive shift in the “blue-collar” market and quickly identified the needs for flexibility and freedom. We strongly believe that the initiative will be a game-changer and guide the future of work. This value proposition is unique. The founders have held onto their convictions and we are now happy to share them together.