The first eProcurement platform designed for the fresh food industry

2016 – France & Switzerland

Klarys (formerly Procsea) was created in September of 2016 by Renaud Enjalbert and Florian Dhaisne and is currently based in France and Switzerland.
Klarys is the first eProcurement platform tailored to the specific challenges of the fresh food industry. The solution is designed for all players in the fresh food supply chain: suppliers and producers, central purchasing agencies and stores, wholesalers, and processors.
It digitizes and simplifies fresh food purchasing processes to :
– Gain operational efficiency
– Manage fresh food performance
– Ensure end-to-end data reliability
– Meet corporate CSR commitments
With Klarys all-in-one platform, buying fresh food has never been easier.

What we say

Marc Fournier

Marc Fournier

Klarys is tackling the seafood supply market, which is still not very digitized, and very opaque, particularly with regard to prices and quality, with many intermediaries. Klarys offers a digital marketplace that connects seafood buyers directly to auctions and fish merchants. This innovation promotes short supply chains, ensuring high transparency on prices and quality and enhancing the value and experience for those in the sector.