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Kili Technology

The annotation platform to generate the data you need to address key challenges for your organization.

2018 – France

Despite the hype around AI, 80% of the AI projects are not going to production. The 1st reason is lack of labeled data.

To build AI in production, you need:

– Computing power: available on shelf

– State of the art algorithm: available open source

– Labeled data in quantity & quantity: NOT available & COSTLY to produce

Kili’s mission is to help companies to successfully transform their industries thanks to AI in production.

The company offers an industrial grade and collaborative platform, to create and manage training sets.

What we say

Bertrand Diard

Bertrand Diard

“Most large companies now understand that they can leverage their data to build intelligence and turn it into a sustainable competitive moat. Inspired by GAFAs best practice, Kili Technology builds a new model for data and metadata management, provides these companies with an incredible tool to convert their investments into a business ROI, and takes a key position in the booming data industry. We were massively impressed by the team and its ability to execute, which is the first driver of our investment.”