Leader in Quantum Computing using light

2017 – France, Germany, UK

Quandela, leader in quantum photonics, develops full-stack quantum computers, available both on cloud and on-premise. Quandela is currently the largest quantum photonics player in Europe. In 2022, Quandela released its photonic computer programming and simulation software, Perceval. The company offers cloud access to Ascella, its first 6-qubit quantum computer since the fall of 2022. In March 2023, OVHcloud purchased the first on-premise Quandela quantum computer that was delivered in the fall. Quandela also supports and advises industries and organizations, such as EDF, MBDA and ONERA, in the exploration and development of the first use cases.

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Quandela team
Niccolo Somaschi
Pascale Senellart-Mardon
Valérian Giesz
Computer programming Photonics Quantum

What we say

Bertrand Diard

Bertrand Diard

“At Serena, we're convinced that quantum computing will revolutionize tomorrow's world. The choice of photonics, combined with a full-stack quantum architecture, is the most promising approach we've seen to date. Quandela recently reached a new milestone by becoming the first player to have made qubits available in the cloud and to have sold the first machine to an industrial company. We are proud to support this world-renowned team in this phase of internationalization and industrialization.”